Samson XLS Spear-carrier-T Double Braid

Samson XLS Reserve-T Double Braid is a SK-60 Dyneema/Polypropylene blended core with a 24-strand polyester cover. For more info and other Samson products visit...

Samson LST Yacht Braid Double Braided Polyester String the routine 3/8" x 500' Blue Tracer: #SAM 450024805030

by Samson
Price: $292.25
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Product description

Samson Part #455012005030
Xls Yacht Braid
Highest Strength Double Braid Polyester Rope. Low Stretch. Outstanding Abrasion Resitance. Color: White

Size = 3/16" X 500'
Color = White
Package Quantity = 1

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Samson LS Yacht Braid Notice # : 002442; Line Diameter: 1/4", Color: White with Variegated Red and Green ID; Average Tensile Strength: 1,900 lbs, Sold by the Foot Look into our large selection of top rated products at low prices from Myrurgia, Samson, Five, New Balance, and Loop Double Braid The score - 8 results like Samson LST Yacht Braid Double Braided Polyester Rope 5/16" x 500' Red Tracer: #SAM 450020405030, 5/8" Samson Stable Braid Red Bull ... Samson, Operation Rigging, Line, XLS Yacht Braid. For the cruising sailor that requires the extra low stretch performance as well as the cruiser/racer for certain ... Samson LS Yacht Braid The score - Save more at on your boating gear. Fast shipping, most in-stock products, over 1-million boat supplies sold since 1999. Boutique ...
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