American Yacht Crew Interviewing International Crew-- assume it's legal?

An American chief stewardess is interviewing, what appears to be, an English international female runner for a yacht position aboard motor yacht, Pinko. T...

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Fiorentino takes steering gear of Sultana - My Eastern Shore

Fiorentino in days of yore served four years as captain of the 107-foot schooner Lady Maryland , of the Living Classrooms Institution in Baltimore, according to the news release. Before that, he was chief mate and carpenter on the Pride of Baltimore II. Fiorentino holds a 500-ton genius of oceans license, has more than 500 days of on-the-water experience as a captain and has spent much of the past eight years sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. According to the hearsay release announcing his hiring, that makes him the most experienced person ever hired to take the helm of Sultana. 10, Fiorentino said he was looking to the fore to being part of the community, and of the “great expansion” of the Sultana Education Foundation. “ Sultana is a great symbol of the community,” he said. He said he is especially looking patronize to spending time sailing on the Bay, and seeing some of its less-traveled portions. It's also “fun to be on a new boat,” Fiorentino said. "The fact that Michael has four years of test with the Living Classrooms Foundation meant a great deal to us," said Sultana Education Foundation President Drew McMullen, who led the search board, in a statement. Much of Sultana 's mission is education on the ecology of the Bay and its tributaries and on the maritime history of the region. Since its launch in 1997, the schooner has bewitched more than 150,000 students out to explore the Chesapeake, providing hands-on learning under the guidance of its captains and crew. In addition to his experience as a woman, Fiorentino is well versed in carpentry, boat building and boat maintenance, the news release said. Before fit interested in sailing and traditional boats, he worked in New York designing and building theatrical and television sets He then attended the International Yacht Restoration Faction in Newport, R. I. , and worked as a boat builder and marine... 2 announcement that Tanya Banks-Christensen was stepping down after seven years as captain of the schooner. “It is abstruse for us to imagine Sultana without Tanya Banks-Christensen,” McMullen said. “She is our longest-serving captain and under her leadership the origination’s programs have made tremendous progress. While all of Sultana ’s captains have made important contributions, I think it’s safe to say that Tanya’s possession has been uniquely productive. During her command, Banks-Christensen sailed with more than 35,000 students, hired and trained more than 70 rod, voyaged over 25,000 miles and slept on Sultana over 550 nights, according to a news release. All of this was accomplished to glowing reviews from students, teachers and parents, and without a pre-eminent injury to a passenger or any incident with the vessel, the release said. Under her command, Sultana won Tall Ships America’s Sea Course of study Program of the Year. The schooner was also recognized by the U. S. Coast Guard for having the highest achievement in annual inspection recertification in the northern Chesapeake area, the release said.


Questions & answers

CJo CJo says:
How do I grow a part of a sailing crew?
I have been sailing for about 10 years now and I have beforehand off school. I want to find a captain that needs more crew. Any trip would be suffice for me: Alaska to seattle, Florida to Bahamas, LA to Hawaiian Islands. Honestly anything that...
Anja H says:
If you just google job as sailing crew you get the gold medal page, which looks like this: Search ResultsCrewFile - Yacht Crew Jobs, Boat Jobs, Cruise Jobs, Sailing ... Maritime jobs, journey...
Tommy Flynn Tommy Flynn says:
Is their any site that posts adverts for volenteer Sailing crews?
I'm interested in volenteering as a crew colleague on a sail boat and was wodnering if their was a directory for that sort of thing? If not then could you give me some advice on how I would go about it otherwise? Thanks a lot people,...
cat38skip says:
There are a certain extent a few web sites from local pickup crews to international professional crews. Do a search on 'crew list' or 'sailing crew' , 'sailing yacht crew' or any combination you can...

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Chandra Bhat, big cheese of the Center for Transportation Research at UT Austin, said that the experiment highlights the vulnerability of the transportation sector to such attacks: “The surprising affluence with which...

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