Fisher-Evaluation Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Skiff the Railboat Train

  • Free-wheeling vehicle constructed from premium Wood...
  • Magnets let you attach other Wooden Railway...
  • Faithful likeness to character as seen in the...
  • Helps develop gross motor skills, sensory...
  • Features realistic details
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Tango Skiff XL Stitch and Paste Okoume Wooden Boat

Shows beginning present of current Tango Skiff XL project. Wooden Boat is being built with the Stitch-n-Glue method using Okoume 1088 marine grade plywood. Ent...

Pete Culler on Wooden Boats: The Principal Craftsman's Collected Teachings on Boat Design, Building, Repair, and Use

by International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
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The insights and wisdom of the late, great boat designer and builder

Renowned as one of the last and best of the old-time boatbuilders, Captain R. D.“Pete” Culler provided a guiding light for the wooden boat revival in the 1970s. His designs are classic melds of elegance and utility; his workmanship was akin to artistry; and his teaching and writing a blend of clarity, good sense, insight, and humor. This book brings together the complete texts of Culler’s classic works Boats, Oars, and Rowing and Skiffs & Schooners, along with articles from The Mariner’s Catalogs and a selection of his timeless boat designs.

From sketch to casting off, Maritime students calling wooden boats - Amherst Bee

A troop of Western New York Maritime Charter School students practice a centuries old skill: building boats with their hands. The students participate in a Index to Hand program, learning how to construct a skiff — a small, light, open boat — at the Buffalo Maritime Center, located at 90 Arthur St. in Buffalo’s Blackguardly Rock neighborhood. The high school students meet twice a week and work alongside knowledgeable mentors using accustomed materials, such as larch or white oak. They begin creating the hull — the actual boat — during their first semester and then construct the insides of the motor boat, including the benches, rudder, tiller and mast, and paint throughout their second semester. “We need people who are capable of solving problems with their hands,” said controller boat builder Roger Allen, the executive director of the center. “And that’s one of the things that our boat-building classes tutor you. “These kids start off with a pile of raw materials, and then they go through the process of using the hand tools, and they take out those materials and they actually begin construction a boat with them. Along the way, Allen said, the process helps students understand how to sequence events so they end up with a finished result. He cited that the volunteers took into account the Buffalo schools’ increasing dropout rate and the limited amount of betray classes available in schools. Allen says students who may not excel sitting in a classroom can be geniuses with their hands. Volunteers such as Steve Krzesinski and David Lee start off by teaching the salutations and safety measures the students should take around the tools. “And it literally requires this hand-to-hand exchange. “Steve will show big White Chief how to use the block plane, and then you literally pass the plane from one set of hands to another set of hands, and with that transfer goes the knowledge of how to use the tool. According to Allen, the former year’s skiffs were taken to Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, and it is estimated that they will be used on the water this summer. He said this year’s skiffs, which construct a nice rowboat, may be sold so the center can purchase materials for the next class. “The ultimate litmus test is you have to put it in the water and it has to initiate, and you put people in it so it has to protect people’s lives,” he said. “That standard of craftsmanship exists in the whole boat-building technique so you have to maintain that in your whole craftsman’s like attitude. In addition to students working on boats, the center is filled with creations designed by those who are interested in rowing-boat building. There is a kayak being built by a doctor, a project being worked on by a math teacher and her class, and under a blue tarp is a sailboat being constructed by an entire family. Allen pointed out a boat that was going to be used to sail around the world. “When it’s in the wastefully you’ll think it’s the original boat,” Allen said. Delvone Bell, Western New York Maritime Charter Faction alumnus, returned to help other students this year in the Hand to Hand program, and to continue practicing the.


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Painting the guide white hull of an Enterprise dinghy a different colour. Where do I start?
I'm restoring a wooden daring dinghy and thinking of painting the standard white hull a different colour. Where would I start? Sanding? I assume you would need to develop a 'key' for a layer of paint....
seattlesailor2000 says:
the inception thing to do is to decide what brand of paint you want to use and then follow their prep. instructions. we recently fiberglass and painted a 14' plywood skiff and Euphemistic pre-owned interlux...

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