Microfiber Towel - Lakeshore & Travel (Coral Red - Large 63x31") - sand free beach towels &...

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  • WHAT A BIG SOFTIE: We think size and feel...
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: We've designed our pouch so...
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Microfiber Towel - Travelling & Outdoors (Coral Red - Large 63x31") - premium microfibre towels for swim & beach

by Dock & Bay
Price: $19.99
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  • EYE CATCHING: High quality towels in 6 luscious colours neatly packed into a custom designed cotton pouch. Microfiber towels with character.12 MONTH WARRANTY, assurance with every Dock & Bay product
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: We've designed our pouch so that it doubles as a handy little bag when using your towel, great for phones, wallets, headphones, camp and gym gear - whatever you need it for really!
  • WHAT A BIG SOFTIE: We think size and feel really matters, so we don't just have the biggest towels around (Extra Large 78x35", Large 63x31") but all our towels are 100% microfiber, making them soft to touch and wrap around your whole body

Product description

Dock & Bay active range in 6 vibrant colours, quick drying towels to suit your lifestyle

Size does matter.

Absorbent. Lightweight. Quick Dry. Stylish.



- Honesty is the best policy. And microfiber is not cotton. It's microfiber!
- High quality 220gsm suede microfiber, a mix of 80% polyester / 20% polyamide
- Microfiber fabric feels different, thin & strong like a 'shammy', smooth to touch
- This makes microfiber compact & lightweight, super absorbent & quick drying
- Change can be great and you'll quickly get used to the new feel of microfiber


- Extra large size 78x35" (200x90cm) covers a yoga mat, wraps around your body
- Large size 63x31" (160x80cm) if you need something more compact (still big!)
- Generous sizes, the biggest towels around, packing down so small


- Bright, fun and fashionable colours to suit your style
- Folds up in seconds into a soft cotton pouch, convenience at your fingertips
- Handy elastic hook for hanging up off the ground


Full Satisfaction Guarantee

We truly love this gym, yoga & travel towel product and we KNOW you will too

If for any reason you are unhappy, simply return the towel for a 100% full refund

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