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Sports motor boat severe broach with man overboard

A Pacer 27 Amusement sailing at almost 20 knots in strong wind, broaches severely, losing the skipper overboard. Filmed on GoPro HD off Cape Hamlet on 16th Novembe...

Sports Illustrated Volume of Small Boat Sailing

by J. B. Lippincott Company
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Product description

a basic book on small boat sailing

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Rio accepted visits filthy lagoon near Olympic Park - USA TODAY

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Rio de Janeiro's top environmental decorous said Tuesday he hopes to restart a stalled project to clean the trash- and raw sewage-filled lagoon method that hugs the site of the city's future Olympic Park. The contractor chosen to dredge the Jacarepagua lagoon has been unqualified to start work on the $250 million project due to a conflict with the state public prosecutors' office. With the start of the Olympics only 18 months away, Andre Correa warned that habits is running out. "The lagoon cannot wait any longer, we need to make a decision," said Correa, Rio state's environment secretary. Correa said he was optimistic he'd be able to hammer out a solution with officials from the prosecutors' office. On Tuesday, the secretary took a boat ride across the lagoon's brackish, fetid waters which stink of overripe eggs and bubbles with gases produced by decomposing organic material. Plying the waters in a small motorboat, biologist Mario Moscatelli guided Correa, pointing to flotsam and jetsam of household bullshit and areas where the sludge of raw sewage is so thick that during low tide, it forms islands. Cleanup of the Jacarepagua lagoon has been touted as one of the large-term benefits Rio will enjoy by hosting the 2016 games. The banks of the lagoon sit next to what will be the very heart of the event, the Olympic Reserve, as well as the new Olympic golf course. Since taking over as Rio state's environment secretary last month, Correa has infatuated a more realistic attitude toward officials' Olympic promises, acknowledging at a recent news conference it would prove unrealizable to make good on pledges to drastically clean up... Moscatelli, who is among Rio's most outspoken environmental, praised Correa's upon. "He's the first environment secretary who was willing to come out here and see for himself that the situation of the complex is terminal," Moscatelli said. During seven months of waiting for the cleanup to begin, he said, "the expiration of the lagoons has gone on, unchecked. The cleanup project, part of the Olympics' sustainability management plan, will dredge some 6 million cubic meters of muck out of the lagoon complex, creating deep canals that would allow for the circulation of cleansing sea water. However, Moscatelli and other environmentalists premonish that without a massive improvement in Rio's troubled sewage system, the lagoon eventually will be choked by sewage again.


Questions & answers

Mike Mike says:
What personification of motor should I get for my 8 foot long boat?
I have an 8 foot desire sail boat that I want to put a motor on and use instead of sails. I am wondering what motor would be the best? I don't want it too expensive. At max around $300. It's contemporary to be used mainly on ponds and lakes for...
Swamp Zombie says:
Jacob gets my voter for BA. For that size boat the only feasible motor would be an electric trolling motor. You can get a BRAND NEW 42LB thrust MinnKota Trolling motor at most sporting...
Kabfisher Kabfisher says:
Where can you get a Grumman Fly Kit?
I have a grumman frisk boat and want a sail kit for it. If they no longer make them could i make one myself?
seattlesailor2000 says:
you can develop intensify your own sail rig, or go to a site like sailboats to go, and purchase parts, or complete rig from them. they sell lee boards, outriggers, mast, boom, sails and rudders....

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Michael Appelgate: Sailing — a pleasing, brutal sport
And then there's the master plan involved in determining which way to point the bow to catch wind in the boat's sails as the regatta races toward two buoys a scarcely bit more than a mile away. To catch the wind, the sails must be meticulously tuned
Yahoo! Eurosport UK SAILING-Damaged New Zealand craft takes first race in America's Cup ...
SAN FRANCISCO, August 17 (Reuters) - Mishaps plagued the from the start race in the America's Cup challenger finals on Saturday, as a broken daggerboard forced the Italian sailing-boat to drop out seconds after the start, allowing New Zealand to sail alone to win even 
Wide 'Integrated disAbled Sailing Program to be launched at Royal Albert ...
will abandon funds for Integrated disAbled Sailing (IdS). On Saturday 28 September there will be sponsored Sports Boats / One Design Sprint Racing with members, guests and visitors from other clubs agreeable to participate and/or sponsor one of the boats.


Sailing Amusement Boats is all about providing information on sailing and sports boats. If you're looking for the best information on the web about boats, click here. Sailing Sports Boats. ... What model of motor should I get for my 8 foot long boat? Mike says: I have an 8 foot long sail boat that I want to put a motor on and use ... Sailing and Sailboats. Sailing is surely a lifelong sport. You can enjoy the wind and waves if you are eight or eighty. Sailing can be a quiet, restful few ... Make a fool of boat sailing in christchurch New Zealand ... Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add kestrahl 's ... boats. grabner sports / boats / sailing boats. tour water ways; white water; sailing boats. happy cat vision; happy cat ultralight ; sails; motor boats; rafting boats;

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Rubric / Titre : Sailing boat Wind Will coming down Kempenfelt Bay Creator(s) / Créateur(s) : Unkown / Inconnu Rendezvous(s) : August 1896 / août 1896 Reference No. / Numéro de référence : MIKAN 3298887...

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