SeaDoo Mpem 1994 SP SPX SPI GTX GTS XP 278000413 278000070 278000200 278000262

  • This MPEM comes with a wiring diagram and...
  • Aftermarket SeaDoo MPEM
  • This module will not respond to any dealer...
  • This module will not require any type of...
  • 278000070 278000262 278000200
Price: $97.95

SeaDoo Impeller Establish Part One

Fragment One of how to remove an impeller and wear ring from a SeaDoo GTX SC jet ski. This "how to video" is for the first time guy that wants to tackle the job ...

New Seadoo Mpem 1994 Sp SPX SPI GTX GTS Xp 278000413 SEA DOO

by JSP Manufacturing
Price: $109.95
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  • This module will not require any type of programming, you can simply install the part without the need for programming
  • Aftermarket SeaDoo MPEM
  • This MPEM comes with a wiring diagram and instructions to assist you.

Product description

This listing is for a New Aftermarket SeaDoo MPEM; meets OEM specifications.

This MPEM comes with a wiring diagram and instructions to assist you.
This module will not require any type of programming, you can simply install the part without the need for programming.

This module does not provide electronic data for dealer troubleshooting, nor can it be plugged into the dealer computer for troubleshooting. This module will not respond to any dealer electronic diagnostics.

Fits the following SeaDoo models and years:

This module will work with the following part numbers:
Part Number: 278000200 supersedes to 278000070
Part Number: 278000262 supersedes to 278000070
Part Number: 278000413
Part Number: 278000070
Part Number 278000200 is used on:

Part Number 278000262 is used on:

Part Number 278000070 is used on:

Part Number 278000413 is used on:

1994 GTX
Please be aware that 278000200 is the older style module that has relays instead of fuses that the new modules have. This module has fuses, just like the 278000262/278000070. If you have relays on your module, our module will work fine.
We offer a 30 DAY WARRANTY/GUARANTEE on this electronic part only. We are one of the very few sellers that offer any warranty/guarantee on this part at all. If for some reason you have a problem with them, please contact us and we will resolve your problem.

Questions & answers

t j t j says:
How to see out a 94 XP Sea Doo carb?
How to takings out a 94 XP Sea Doo carb? How do I go about doing this. I see the carb. What is my next move? Where to start and what not to do. Manuals or diagrams anyone????????????????// Pdf Anything would be of help:)))))))) Best surrebuttal...
Dthebassmaster says:
Here is a weighty resource for diagrams and you can order any parts you need from it. If you can see the...

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Jet Ski .com is developed by jetski riders with dope and news on Kawasaki Jet Skis Sea Doo Honda Aquatrax and Yamaha Waverunner pwc. Inlcuding jet ski parts ... Seadoo Parts, Sea-Doo Parts, Seadoo Accessories, Sea-Doo Accessories, Seadoo Garments, seadoo parts, sea-doo parts, sea-doo covers, seadoo covers, pwc, jetski, Seadoo ... Checked: 31 minutes ago. 1993 Sea Doo Xp Parts Diagram (.pdf/.doc/.txt/.zip) New Members: yokone_1 joined 17 minutes ago. snow-white nike air max 2011 joined 2 hours ago. 1996 SeaDoo GSX (5620), GTX (5640) Inform on/Service Manual Supplement No parts of this manual may be reproduced in any form ... maintenance procedures relating to ... Jet ski parts diagram search look up oem (authentic equipment manufacture) part #;s and sea doo parts diagram sea doo parts diagram, if you need to find new oem sea ...

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