Twenty Affordable Sailboats To Put up with You Anywhere

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For Sale! 2007 Beneteau B49 Sailing Yacht!

2007 Beneteau B49 with Undercurrent Stoddard 818.404.4479 Cruising Yachts, Inc. 13444 Bali Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Song: Take Five - Dav...

SmartPlug B50ASSY, 50-Amp Inlet Connector Combo Kit-Shorepower Products and Accessories for your Sailboat, Fishing Sailing-boat, Power Boat or Yacht

by SmartPlug
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  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel construction
  • Pushes straight in, no twisting required
  • Installs using industry standard mounting holes

Product description

The Smart Plug 50 Amp Retrofit Kit includes the 50 Amp Stainless Inlet (BM50S) and the 50 Amp Connector (BF50), everything you need to protect your boat from shore power overheating and burning. Installation of both components is easy. The kit is designed to fit on 125/250 volt systems with multiple seals on the connector to ensure a watertight fit on an existing cordset. Two separate cord seals that are included allow for installation on a 125V or 250V cable.

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A gold color knockabout anchor is featured as a step up from the typical cutesy blue anchor design, for a more upscale branding for your brokerage business. The front side out of the limelight is a nautical dark navy blue so it will stand out from the normal...

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Questions & answers

Where can I determine to be Hunter yachts for sale?
We are looking to buy a sailboat, and be partial to Hunter yachts. We live on the East Coast (near D.C.) and are willing to travel to find the right broker for either new or used vessels. We are looking for a affairs that provides a great price...
Harriet Benton says:
Our friends worn Norton Yachts in Deltaville, Virginia. They had a great experience buying their Hunter sailboat. They traveled up from South Carolina. It was a great stock on a used...
Bob Bob says:
What magnitude sailboat would be good for 1 or 2 people to sail around the world?
I characterize as if its too small it would be unsafe in the rough waters of the open ocean and if its too large it would be difficult to operate alone or with one other person. So what would be a good volume?
It depends on the Skiff.. some 50 footers aren't safe to sail on the gulf and some 26 footers have sailed around the world.. so it's a context of DESIGN. The last boat my wife and I had...

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