New Sr2 Nautical Venture Compass Bulkhead Mount for Sailboat - Ritchie Sr-2

  • 3 ¾´´ (9.35 cm) CombiDial
  • Blue LED Night Lighting
  • Vertical Mounting Angle Through 40 Degrees.
  • Adapter plate available to retrofit existing...
  • 4 5/8´´ (118 mm) to 4 13/16´´ (122 mm)...
Price: $162.38

Installing a Diesel Machine In A Sailboat

Sailboat Giant Ship 3D Pop-Up Greeting Card

by PopLife Cards
Price: $12.50
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  • Cut the anchor threads and use the pop-up as a stand alone decoration or Christmas ornament on your tree!
  • It's a card, gift, and ornament in one! The perfect stocking stuffer.
  • Every card includes a custom envelope. Fold flat and slim profile will ensure they can be sent in the mail!

Product description

PopLIfe paper art pop-up cards are dazzling. Intricately laser-cut and then hand assembled, these cards are a sight to behold. They are fully collapsible, fold flat and fit in their own custom envelope. Perfect for any occasion! Loved by all ages, this card makes an unforgettable surprise gift and greeting. Ample space on both sides inside card for a personal written message or note. Includes cream envelope for presentation and/or mailing popup card.

Zazzle gifts

3x3 - taylorcorp_postitnote A Seagoing Kind Of Day Post-it Notes
taylorcorp_postitnote by NappingOnTheBeach

A Maritime Kind Of Day

3x3 - taylorcorp_postitnote A Maritime Kind Of Day Post-it Notes
taylorcorp_postitnote by NappingOnTheBeach

A Yachting Kind Of Day


Questions & answers

Rachel Rachel says:
Is it asinine to leave the US and go sailing throughout the Caribbean?
My husband and I scarcity to buy a sailboat and sail the caribbean with my daughter. Does anyone ever feel like leaving the rat race of life, dropping everything and going on a under no circumstances forgettable adventure?
yankee_sailor says:
I did just that in 1975 and have at no time looked back; DO IT while you have the time and health and money and sense of adventure; you'll be old enough , soon enough, and you DON'T want to be...
bobby bobby says:
Lay one's hands on the magnitude of the third leg of the journey?
A gob in a small sailboat encounters shifting winds. She sails 2.00km east, then 3.50km southeast, and then an additional distance in an unknown directing. Her final position is 5.80 km directly east of her starting point. Find the...
RossK says:
On the ultimate two legs of her journey, she travels 5.8 - 2 = 3.8 km due east. After the second leg she is 3.5 x cos(45) = 2.475 km south and an additional 2.475 km east. After the duplicate...

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The Augmented Genuineness America's Cup
The question is that even passionate sailing fans can find it hard to follow races on television, where producers cut back and forth between video of the boats and vibrant simulations of the action, attempting to show where the boats are in relation to
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By Greg Keraghosian | Compass – 12 hours ago. Email 0. Mention favourably. 7. Tweet. 0. Share0; Print. (Photo: theleestudio / Flickr). If you've been looking to glide a boat around “The opportunity really arose about a decade ago when the co-founders were
All At Sea The Adroit Boat – Not!
(Yes, there's an upside down 'be influential-tale' compass as well.) Posh, eh? Did I mention the on-passage dim LED 'red night light' understanding How do they cram all this into a 43-foot sailboat? The short answer: by making it a powerboat with masts. Let's


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i was surprised to see my deliberation in this shot! i just thought the compass was cool and didn't realize i could be seen in this! yeah 4 happy accidents

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