Sailing Bristol Narrows Cutter, Alaska part III

I sailed my 28' Bristol Watercourse Cutter JUNESSA from Gig Harbor, WA to Petersburg, AK and back. I made an unplanned side trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands, ...

Maisy's Sailboat

by Candlewick
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Whether driving over land or sailing across the sea, Maisy takes her friends all over the place in two shaped board books.

Today is the perfect day to go sailing in Maisy’s boat! When Maisy and Charley stop at the blue lagoon for fishing and snorkeling, how many colorful fish will Maisy see under the water? What surprise will Charley catch on his fishing line? What an adventure out on the waves! Three cheers for Captain Maisy!

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GregMason GregMason says:
What makes a navigate boat an off-shore ocean going sailboat?
What makes a waft boat an off-shore ocean going sailboat? Like shape or something? What makes a sailboat safer on the open ocean?
Vasco Pyjama says:
The attributes are shown below--not faithfully in priority order, although those listed first may be deemed more important than those listed later--because for the most part they are integral...
russianheman russianheman says:
What would be the most economic boat to live on after retirement?
I expect to buy and live on a boat after I retire with my wife. I want to be able to travel on open ocean waters without problems and enough room to live comfortably. I've researched totally a bit--it seems a catamaran sailboat would be the...
Bill K says:
Try chartering one for a month gold medal, in the areas you plan to live. You do not want to embark on living aboard without knowing whether you or your spouse can tolerate the much more...

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Devotion With a Chance of Drowning by Torre De Roche
On the morning we were due to render the American continent to sail twenty-six days through open ocean towards French Polynesia, I was teetering between staying and prevailing. The only sailing I'd done prior to that was a hellish voyage down the Californian 
Silicon Preposterousness: How To Make an "Extreme" Sailboat Race Dull and Deadly
that was the notion when billionaire and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, after winning the right to choose this year's location for the America's Cup sailing match along with his victory in 2010's race, chose the bay instead of the more customary

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Cut adrift
IT was a release mission at sea yesterday but with a difference. The mission was successful, in that a $1million property at sea was saved from floating further away after its mooring lines were cut by a group of men. Some tourists who were on Cloud 9, a ...


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