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Inconceivable video - fishing boats in rough sea

2 fishing vessels face the Grey River bar in full flood. Greymouth New Zealand HD Video by Geoff Mackley and Bradley Ambrose.

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This simple tee says it all - and when you'e on a boat, simple is good. Simple is more than good, actually. Chances are, simple's exactly what you're looking for. So next time you head out to the docks, be sure to pack this simple tee, and leave all your complicated clothing cares behind. funny sailing shirt, funny boating shirt, boating shirt, sailing shirt, nautical shirt

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Questions & answers

Tim Tim says:
How do you a stop to a sailboat from flipping?
I have a small sailboat and whenever it starts affluent fast it flips. This is a hassle because it isn't small enough to be easily flipped back over. I was wondering if there was anything I could put on the boat that would stabilize it better
Richard C says:
Possibly! I had a Walker Bay Dingy with a small outboard. Some one gave me a sailing kit that was made to convert the dinghy into a sailboat. It was more acceptable for kids. But, it...
cjkip cjkip says:
What is a textile small, inexpensive, stable sailboat for a beginner with little experience?
I've had smallest lessons on very small boats, but I dont have time for more lessons and just want to learn by doing. However, I would rather not capsize and have to right the boat. Any recommendations? We're on a wee budget and...
chrysfernandez says:
Have sailed Lasers (and their less costly Pico), Sunfish ( and Toppers ( Capsizing is really a matter of the...

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Win out over Answer: I would go with a Sharpie, but the Laser or Optimist is one of the fastest Day Sailors known. If you go multi hull, then speed increases by ... there are myriad fast open sailboats to choose from. fast is relative in a small sailboat, skimming over the waves at 4 or 5 mph in a small sailboat will feel fast ... Small Fast Sailboats | PDF Download How To DIY Construction Plans UK USA Australia Small sailboats: Laser, Sunfish, Hobie Cat, Catalina at Avon Sailboats, Michigan. ... fast functioning or easy sailing. Boats to sail alone –or with your family. Do you lover sailing, and want to cruise – but on a small budget. If so, a mini-cruiser sailboat could be for you. ... This is why catamarans are fast sailboats.

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The Domain's Fastest Sailboats - Sailing for Speed Freaks! | YachtPals ...
The Domain's Fastest Sailboats - Sailing for Speed Freaks! | YachtPals ...
Small fast-built sailboat: Bolger Junebug, Storer GIS, or ???-i550bt ...
Small fast-built sailboat: Bolger Junebug, Storer GIS, or ???-i550bt ...

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