Anaemic Mini High Output LED Marine Lights OZ-USA Spot Sail Boat Jet Yacht...

  • Ultra bright 1800 lumen light will light up...
  • Designed for extreme conditions. Heavy duty...
  • This pair is 3-4 times stronger than most...
  • Extremely bright even in daylight. 8 degree...
  • One pair (2) super bright, heavy duty,...
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Me and a few friends on a 3 day 2 continuously sailing trip on a 21 foot project Bayliner Buccaneer Sailboat. Part 1.

Door Mat, 27" x 18", Carpet with Rubber Approval Welcome Aboard and Boarding Mats (Sailboat, Black)

by Coastal Custom Carpets
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Product description

Coastal Custom Carpets creates unique handcrafted inlaid and sculptured carpets for businesses, homes and boats worldwide. Come to us for that one-of-a-kind carpet design in the size, colors, pattern and lettering of your choice. Our commercial clients rely on us to produce their logo or name on small mats in large quantities as well as large area carpets for their corporate facilities. Our trade show clients count on us to deliver carpets of all shapes and sizes with a variety of logos, graphics and names to be used in displays. Our customers on the water have vessels that range from the smaller cabin cruiser to the mega yacht. They enjoy having a custom piece designed just for their craft. All of our customers know that we can reproduce almost any design at any size.

Questions & answers

Dan Dan says:
Can I impose upon a 1992 Bayliner Capri out to sea?
I was wondering if I could write down out my 1992 Bayliner Capri, its a 17ft boat out to sea. I wanted to go fishing for salmon or halibut. Thanks
Capt. John says:
Not a well-advised thing to do, even on the best of weather days. Furthermore, I can 'almost' guarantee you that if you do (and get away with it) you will only do it once. I've witnessed bigger...
Rody Rody says:
What accommodation is best in a 47 foot yacht?
We're prospering for a sailing trip and i want to know which room is best to avoid most wave motion. I want to avoid sea sickness as much as accomplishable. The one at the front, one of the back at the sides, or if available, in the middle?
Richard C says:
You didn't let slip us much about the trip. The issue is whether or not the boat will be under way or anchored, or tied to a dock, at night. I liked the V-berth on a sailboat (37...

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Trailer included bright for immediate delivery. Dorset, United Kingdom Yacht Make: BAYLINER, 160 Capri, 2000 Dorset, United Sphere of influence Carine Yachts 10 High Street Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom Phone: United Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-721 Agent: Andrew Noble ...


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Variety: Bayliner Sailboats
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