Boating Basics for New Craft Owners A inclusive guide to the Basics of Boating for first-time boat owners as well as experienced skippers...

Boating for beginners: power & set sail,

by Hamlyn
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Questions & answers

DillonH DillonH says:
how big does a row-boat have to be to go across an ocean comfortably?
A sailboat? and with only one other mortal physically.. Also. does anyone know where i can find beginners information on sailboats and such? Thank you.
david says:
As the in the first place answers have indicated, comfort is a very relative term. I'm aware of two people who solo -circumnavigated in Contessa 26s. (In my positive there is nothing "comfortable" about...
Moronga123 Moronga123 says:
How do you strengthen a sail boat?
I want to physique a fairely big sail boat so i can go to Guyana. What materials would i need? How will i go about making the boat? Other tips or advice? Thanks!:)
Capt. John says:
Devoted question! Don't let anyone with a negative attitude talk you out of it... If indeed it is something you really want to do. As you can do this... Hey, we all had to start...

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Beginners Power Boating (18 years old and over. No ordeal required) Want to learn to drive a powerboat safely, learn the difference between planing and displacement? Boating is a worthwhile hobby and sport. Some of the best times are spent on the water with your friends and family while fishing, waterskiing or just cruising. Full-grown Beginners Power Boating. £260.00. More Info. Adult Safety Boat Course. £260.00. More Info. what our customers say "A good introduction to kayaking, value for ... Power Boating Tips for Beginners Tuesday, October 23 2012 12:10 PM - Bass Pro Shops 1Authority for Boating. Boating is a rewarding hobby and sport. Some of the best ... Desirable all Boating Beginners! ... Here, you will find the required gear you must have on any power vessel. Also, communication is key on the water.

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