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Rental a Duffy Electric Boat in Newport Beach, CA. It's a great way to enjoy time on the water with friends and family! Located at 2001 W. Coast Highway, Newpo...

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MS MS says:
Renting a boat for the darkness???
My colleague is looking to rent a charter boat for her birthday in a couple months. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find places to rent a boat just for a night. I've only found peewee boats to rent but I am looking for a charter...
John L says:
Gondola Cruises of Newport Beach Sports & Enjoyment, Watercraft Rentals & Excursions 41.40 miles | Map 3101 W Coast Hwy Newport Beach, CA 4.5 Star Rating: Recommended 5 Reviews Eco...

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For vacation in Newport beach, Orange County's Adventures Boat Rentals provides boat, yacht charters and cruises on split in New Port Beach. Also provides boat rentals ... Duffy Energized Boat Rentals of Newport Beach. Renting a Duffy electric boat is the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon or evening with your friends and loved ones ... For duffy boat rentals in Newport Beach come to Orange County's Adventures Boat Rentals. We victual duffy boat rentals to make your party full of enjoy on water. Duffy Boat Rentals in Newport Beach, California Renting Stimulating Boats in Orange County Utilize a day with your friends, co-workers and loved ones by Renting a Duffy electric boat. We offer Boat Rentals in Newport Beach, CA . We will help you make this day ...

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