Perception Kayak Rambler Sea Rub Kayak, Blue/White, Size 13.5 T

  • 2) sit-on-top seats
  • Molded-in foot wells
  • Molded-in seat
Price: $555.00

Series Overview: The Strain Family

Perception Kayak Cove Red Tiger Camo, Swart/Red, Size 14.5 T

by Confluence Kayaks
Price: $909.00
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  • Zone knee/thigh pads
  • Keepers foot brace system
  • Zone seat outfitting

Product description

Outfitting features a pair of ergonomic and comfortable seats with thigh padding and multiple adjustment options for both paddlers, including a movable bow seat that adjusts to pets, kids, or even for solo paddling. With performance on par with the swift and speedy cove 13.5, it's the tandem everyone's been asking for

Sea Kayaking Jackson Lake - Kayak & Canoe Talk

We're so in the neighbourhood of we have to raise our heads to take in both the Black Dike, a giant basalt intrusion scarring its massive face, as brim over as its towering summit. Book-ending the vista are Bivouac, Eagle's Rest and Ranger peaks to the north, and the Mid-section and Grand Teton to the south. We're here in the heart of one of America's premier national parks thanks to a unique OARS itinerary allowing basic-time kayakers, families and more to sea kayak where few people get the chance. With more than 2. 5 million visitors annually, the 24,000-acre preserve is one of the top 10 most popular parks in the nation. But while most visitors rely on drive-by vistas, we're getting them from the hinie of a kayak for two days before continuing on through Yellowstone. The next morning we met our guides, April Pocorus and Will Cushner, at the Signal Mountain vessel ramp forty-five minutes north. They gave us drybags filled with sleeping bags and camp pillows, to which we added our own raiment, as well as smaller personal drybags, PFDs, paddling tops and spray skirts. Then we adjusted the footpegs of two 17. 5-foot Perception Carolina tandem kayaks so the sternsmen - my the missis, Denise, and I - could steer them via retractable rudders. Our daughters, Casey, 10, and Brooke, 13, would command the bows. A irascible safety and basic skills talk saw us push off into semi-choppy water straight toward the spine of the Tetons, Will following in a motorized raft with the comestibles and gear. Our destination: Grassy Island, about six miles away, at the foot of Mt. Moran. " exclaimed Casey as we paddled into the chop. An hour or so later, Casey giggling with each plaster, we made landfall on tiny Marie Island for lunch. While the guides prepared our meal - fruit and vegetable appetizers with a scrumptious, increase-your-own sandwich buffet - we skipped rocks, explored the island and loosened our limbs for the next leg. Putting back in and wavering our bows across the shape of Grassy Island in the distance, we marveled at our surroundings. The lake runs 15 miles long, paralleling the mettle of the Tetons. Paddling to OARS' private campsite, you head straight toward them, including Skillet Glacier clinging to the phiz of Moran. Moran gobbling up more and more of the sky, soon we rounded a point and arrived at Grassy Island, named for a fire that deforested it a hundred years earlier. But now the lodgepole pines have regrown into a well-disciplined stand seemingly made for hammocks and, as Casey pointed out, Capture the Flag. On longer trips - OARS offers three- and five-day options as nicely - guests camp at different spots, hiking along the way on some of the park's 200 miles of trails. One classic is Moran Gully right across the bay from us. Now, however, its sheer walls are enveloped in clouds. After relaxing for a spell, Brooke busying herself with a teenie-bop volume and Casey balancing-beaming on fallen logs, we head out for an evening paddle around the island. The water has turned reproduction smooth, reflecting everything from our blades to the tops of the peaks. Back at camp, Will, soon heading to his fall job guiding elk hunting trips in Montana, has whipped up salmon with untested dill, garlic-laced asparagus and artichoke-augmented salad. Gathering our gear on the beach, I hold Casey up subject into the wind, where she flies as if she's on the bow of the Titanic.


Questions & answers

Paul Paul says:
What's the unsurpassed kayak for a 250lb man with a 100lb dog?
I prerequisite some help finding the right kayak. I weigh 250lbs and I want to take my German Shepherd with me who weighs about 100lbs. Any idea of what is a encomiastic kayak? I'm going to be in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area kayaking on rivers and...
campaholicone2000 says:
Hi, There are bountifulness of kayaks that will work for you and your dog. Keep in mind it will take a few outings for the dog to get used to being in the boat, and he may capsize you in the...
dukemaniac5 dukemaniac5 says:
how much would a cast-off tandem kayak cost?
I am thought about selling my tandem kayak. It is about 16' and is the sit inside type. It will include two seats, plus a child seat for the middle. Also, I will include two paddles. The kayak is yellow and has some scratches and dents...
Mrs. Mustang says:
What is the label? It may not seem like a big deal, but as with most items, the brand name will affect the value of your boat. Common brand names are Perception, Old Community, Necky and...

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