SeaSense X-TREME II Kayak Paddle, 84-Inch

  • Adjustable Drip Guards
  • Three Locking Positions
  • Support Ridge For Added Strength
  • Feathered Blade Design
  • Floats
  • Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage
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How to paddle: kayak technic

Paddling video tutorial. Michele Ramazza is prospering to explain the two fundamental movements which create an efficient paddling style. This video is good for b...

SeaSense X-TREME II Kayak Paddle, 96-Inch, Orange and Yellow,Orange/Yellow

by Unified Marine
Price: $29.99
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  • Feathered Blade Design
  • Adjustable Drip Guards
  • Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage

Product description

The Unified Marine SeaSense X-Treme II kayak paddle is 96 inch in length and is manufactured with a fiberglass filled nylon blade making it x-tremely lightweight and durable. Each blade is Blue/white and is made of lightweight polypropylene and reinforced making it more efficient in the water. The shaft is lightweight aluminum with ergonomic foam grips for added comfort and strength. Comes in orange/Yellow.

An Impromptu Author-to-Sea Paddle Down on the Mississippi River - CANOE & KAYAK

Photography From Your Kayak: Capturing The Import. Making photographs from a kayak can be a bit complicated, so before spending thousands of dollars on equipment only to find it flooded with seawater, it’s worth engaging a moment to figure out what your goals are. Do you simply want souvenirs from your trip or the ability to capture stunning nature pictures. Greatly Story. Arctic Silence and Scale, Paddling ANWR. Photos and Story by Chuck Graham Most of my hose time is spent kayaking, surfing and standup paddling, so I was looking to do something a little different. I hunted on all sides of looking for remote, wild places and decided to raft the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Northeastern Alaska. I managed to talk a combine of buddies into paddling ANWR with me on a two-week, 160-mile traverse of North America’s largest wildlife shelter. It’s home to polar and grizzly bears, wolves, Arctic fox, musk oxen, Dall sheep, moose and about 130,000 caribou. The most usually seen bird when paddling ANWR is the mosquito. The caribou would stand for hours in ice-choked rivers just to get away from them. A biologist told me that if you interpret the biomass of the mosquitoes in the ANWR and compared it to the caribou,. Full Story. A private river trip on central Idaho’s enormous Selway has long been known as one of North America’s best, and most exclusive, ventures. Difficult access creates much of that challenging allure, as the Selway’s distant location compounds the scarcity of its private permits: The Forest Service issues only 62 to the lucky few of the thousands who buckle down to in the annual lottery. Full Story. American Canoe Association and USA Canoe/Kayak Join Forces. But like two rivers joining at a confluence, there has been a joining of forces that should make for a stronger whole. After months of discussions, USA Canoe/Kayak, the sport’s competitive governing masses, has partnered with the American Canoe Association (ACA), the nation’s oldest and largest paddlesport organization. As part of the agreement, ACA top banana director Wade Blackwood will also take over as CEO of USA Canoe/Kayak. “I feel like I’m the first grandchild of two great and influential families — and there are acute expectations,” says Blackwood, the ACA’s executive director since 2009. “We want to create a fun and enjoyable path for anyone with an interest in paddling. Having the recreational and elite contention disciplines under a single leadership creates opportunities to build a pipeline of generations of great paddlers. Paddling is a robust outdoor activity and many of the great elite paddlers started by enjoying a family canoe trip or having a grievous summer camp experience learning to kayak. ” Under the agreement, USA Canoe/Kayak’s administrative offices will join those of the ACA in Fredericksburg, Va. while its Euphoric Performance Training Office will remain. Full Story. Rediscover North America: A Gulf-to-Arctic Canoe Dispatch. Last year, our readers were so impressed by the Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition–a four-month, 2,600-mile canoe gad about across Canada’s Northern Territories–that they voted it the Expedition of the Year at the 2013 C&K Awards. But for expedition-member Winchell Delano, crossing Canada’s far north from the Pacific The drink flood to the Hudson Bay.


Questions & answers

Kathleen Torres Kathleen Torres says:
Paul can paddle a kayak 15 miles upstream in the same amount of in good time always it takes him to paddle a kayak 27 mile?
Paul can paddle a kayak 15 miles upstream in the same amount of continually it takes him to paddle a kayak 27 miles downstream. If the current is 2pmh, what is Paul's speed as he paddled downstream?
Brian says:
Let Paul's promptness relative to the water be v. Speed upstream = v -2 Time upstream = 15/(v-2) Speed downstream = v+ 2 Even so downstream = 27/(v+2) = 15/(V-2) Therefore 27(v-2) = 15(v+2)...
famgile famgile says:
Has anyone at all paddled a kayak up the Sacramento River?
Would it be realizable to paddle a kayak up the Sacramento River to Lake Shasta? Taking portage around the dams as a given.
Manny says:
No I drove on Mt Shasta and my car wellnigh overheated, I doubt very much you could paddle up it

Latest Events Thief steals kayak and tries to paddle across the CHANNEL for new life abroad
A cat burglar was caught paddling across the Channel to Europe in a stolen kayak, a court heard yesterday. Paul Redford, 45, who wanted to start a new vital spark abroad, was less than a mile off the Kent coast when he was picked up by the RNLI. He admitted a
Kennebec Journal Harmed vets kayak, paddle at Maine camp
The two men, both with their families, said the calm lake setting and enthusiasm of the volunteers helped them try new things. "My whole family is able to kayak together," said Martin. Beth Quimby can be contacted at 791-6363 or at: bquimby Kayakers paddle 30 hours to Sable Holm
Two Halifax kayakers have successfully braved the unforgiving waters of the North Atlantic to paddle more than 175 kilometres from Nova Scotia to Sable Holm in what they are describing as a life-changing experience. “It was nothing short of ma-gical


A kayak is a petty, relatively narrow, human-powered boat primarily designed to be manually propelled by means of a double bladed paddle. The traditional kayak has a ... 2:07 How To Row In a Even Line videojugsport 1,293 views; 1:57 How To Position Yourself Correctly In A Kayak videojugsport 906 views; 1:55 How To Roll In A Canoe ... The depths Kayaks are very easy to use and very forgiving. By beginning in calm water, you can quickly get the feel of the boat and paddle techniques, and practice getting ... While a canoe paddle is designed with a solitary select blade and a kayak paddle with a double blade, some people who go on solo canoe trips find that using a kayak paddle is ... Circumspect and learn how to hold a paddle when kayaking from our expert in this free boating video on kayaking and canoeing for beginners. Expert: Phil Meyer ...

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