North Fork American River Chamberlain Falls whitewater kayaking

Kayaking the Chamberlain Falls subdivision of the North Fork of the American River in California at 1.85ft on the Iowa Hill gauge. Trip report available at http:...

Introduction to Paddling: Canoeing Basics for Lakes and Rivers

by Menasha Ridge Press
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This amply illustrated introduction to flatwater and river paddling will be an important resource for both instructors and those who like to teach themselves.

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Questions & answers

fencer fencer says:
whats the first-class camping sites on the american river?
i was wondering what the unexcelled camping resort is on the american river in california. I want to do it all , fishing rafting, kayaking, ect. I know there s a few resorts but was wondering if someone knew alot about them....
chris w says:
The job you need to head to is the Auburn State recreation area. its at the confluence of the two forks of the american and that is where a lot of...
Hamed S Hamed S says:
I need to start learn kayak.How should i start and what is the best kayak?
There are peculiar kind of kayak when i went for shopping !!! Flat , ... and ... .What is differences between them and from where i should start ?
dimwittedmoose51 says:
There are as myriad designs of kayaks as there are golf clubs!! Without knowing what kind of kayaking you want to do it will be hard to find the right boat for you if you're speedy to buy...

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Kayakers, canoeists, and other infantryman boaters love the American River for many reasons. Expert paddlers find top-level challenges on the upper stretches of the North ... + Add Keith Slagerman slagerman photo Colleague since 2008 Taken on August 12, 2008; Carmichael, California, US; 591 Views 0 Favorites Interpret the stress out of planning your South Fork American River trip with the Coloma River Shuttle! Whether whitewater rafting or kayaking, this is easy to use and ... The Sweet Fork is a tributary to the American River above Kyburz. No, it isn't the world famous V+ that drops down the hill, but is just above it. Kayaked ... A day on the American River round Sacramento ... Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add Bill Gunning ...

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