Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30" Tunnel)

  • 6-inch telescoping handle and tilt twist...
  • Indestructible composite shaft backed my a lifetime...
  • 12-volt freshwater transom-mounted trolling...
  • Cool quiet power maximizes battery life...
  • 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds for...
Price: $99.99
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How to: Fit an electric motor to a kayak or canoe

Guess fitting an electric to your 'yak? We show you how to go about it.

Saturn 55 Lbs Dumpy-Shaft Electric Tolling Motor For Inflatable Boats, Kaboats, Kayaks and Canoes.

by Saturn
Price: $183.00
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  • Motor Weight - 17 lbs. Shipping Dimensions - 43"x15"x7". Shipping Weight - 23 lbs.
  • Speed Control - 5 speed levels for forward 3 levels for reverse. Battery Reader - Displays accurate battery level. Warranty - 1 Year from date of purchase.
  • Short-Shaft 55lbs Electric Trolling Motor Unique short-shaft trolling motors designed for inflatable boats, KaBoats, kayaks, canoes. Adjustable angle throttle handle.

Product description

Trolling motors with electric power offer silent movement, clear environment and low prices. To make boating more affordable and save environment, we are now offering HS WING 55lbs Trolling Motors that are popular in Europe and Australia.

What makes this particular trolling motor extremely unique is a 26" custom-cut short shaft to better fit transoms of inflatable boats, rafts. KaBoats, kayaks or canoes. You would not find 55lbs Electric Trolling Motor with a short shaft anywhere else.

Another very unique feature of this trolling motor is a tilting throttle handle with 10 adjustable positions. Adjustable handle allows it to be lifted almost 45 degree up, or all the way down, parallel to the motor shaft. This makes trolling motor more portable, compact and allow much easier transportation and storage than other brands trolling motors with fixed perpendicularly trolling handle. Adjustable angle throttle handle also makes motor operation more comfortable, because you can raise it up or tilt down.

Our 55lbs model uses 12V, with 50 Amp Max Draw. Battery Level reader built into controller housing displays accurate available battery power, and shows when battery need a recharging.

Special composite shaft is more flexible and stronger than other metal or aluminum shafts. This electric trolling motor is salt water ready, and can be used in an ocean, but we highly recommend washing it out with fresh water after each salt water use to extend motor's lifespan.

Questions & answers

Broke2Pieces21408 Broke2Pieces21408 says:
Can you confiscate a electric motor to a kayak?
I have a 15' Poniard Savannah kayak and wanted to know if I can attach a electric motor to it for long fishing trips across large lakes. Is this possible to do? Any recommendations for clear-cut motors if so?
seattlesailor2000 says:
YES yoou can. here is a bull session on mounting elec. trolling on kayaks http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/showthread.php?t=410471 most of the discussion is about mounting the motor...
Daniel Vasquez Daniel Vasquez says:
Do i be in want of a permit for an inflateable boat with trolling motor to use in the ocean?
I viable in california (if that matters) so i bought an excursion 5 and a little trolling motor i want to use it were all the kayaks are at will i need somr sort of permit? Or can i just go out there with my sailing-boat and use it anywere i want?
Kyle Heinrich says:
No permit needed not with any electric sailing-yacht just gas.

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With the as well of the Fishing Package, the Angler is ready to accept an electric trolling motor and is ideally set up to make sure you land the big one! *The perfect kayak for the fishing addict, diver, sportsman or aquatic adventurer.


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