One Wed Cast Aluminum Heavy Duty Stern Handles

  • One pair 7 5/8" Premium grade cast...
Price: $13.69

14 Foot Jon Boat Launch part 2

Here is the encourage part of the video series on a 14 foot Jon Boat. In this episode we are cutting out the new transom and the wooden inside handle supports a...

Mould Aluminum Heavy Duty Stern Handle

by Hillside Castings, LLC
Price: $10.94
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  • 7 5/8" Premium grade cast aluminum jon boat grab handle

Product description

Overall length is 7 5/8". Mounting holes are 6 5/8". One inch knuckle clearance. Grip is 5/8" by 3 3/4". Width at handle base is 1 3/8".

Questions & answers

john john says:
Can a jon boat handle saltwater?
I'm looking to get a jon boat between 15ft-17ft. Can this enormousness handle going in bays and the chop? What hull design is best?
Eli says:
of track it can handle saltwater. jon boats are better in salt water. If you are around the ocean you want a V. If you are in brackish water a flat arse is best. Where I live (which is...
Is my gamefisher outboard Too big for my Jon boat?
I have a 14ft Jon boat that is rated for a 7hp motor and a add up weight of 390lbs in the boat. I have a 1995 25 hp gamefisher 2 stroke on the back. I know it's more than is rated but the engine itself doesn't seem to be as heavy or as...
jtexas says:
Have found out that the USCG regs do NOT require compliance with the max hp rating -- they require the boat manufacturer to affix the plate to the boat, that is all. Some localities have...

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Repossess great deals on eBay for jon boat handles and jon handles. Shop with confidence. Spot jon boat handles from a vast selection of eBay Motors on eBay! Boats » Boat Assembly ... "I need to replace the handles that were on my little jon boat, one in the front and ..." · "All the handles you could ever need." ... "for ... Solely the heedless boat operator would not have insurance policies, notably some third bash cowl in situation of non-public injuries or property harm by Tiresome sided jon boat handle. 7 1/4 "overall length. Has 3 3/4" grip. One inch knuckle clearance. Mounting holes are 6 1/4". Enter in#101

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