CE Smith Trailer Physical Watercraft (PWC) Dolly, 48" x 34" x 19"

  • Bunk spacing can be set at 12", 16" or 20"
  • Topped with 4' long carpeted bunks that...
  • 1,000 lb capacity
  • 34"W x 48"L x 19"H
  • 1-1/2" square galvanized steel tubing;...
Price: $247.41

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Titan® Mini Battery Maintainer and Charger for Polaris Jet-Ski

by BatteryJack inc.
Price: $13.07
Buy Now

  • Sealed - Maintenance Free
  • PowerStar® Brand Batteries
  • 2*2*2 SLA CHARGER

Product description

Titan® Mini Battery Maintainer and Charger for Polaris Jet-Ski Key Specifications/Special Features: Universal smart charger for 12V lead-acid battery pack 3-stage charging mode: Constant current: 1.0A Constant voltage: 14.3 to 14.7V Floating voltage: 13.5 to 13.8V LED indicate charging status: Red: in charging Green: fully charged Safety protection: Short-circuit protection Battery polarity error protection Over-voltage protection|n||n|

Questions & answers

mjlehman023 mjlehman023 says:
Where can I pronounce used Jet Skis in the Southeast?
I am looking for acclimated to jetskis to be purchased at 10-12 at a time. We are opening up 4 jet ski rentals in august and I need wholesale prices for bulk purchases. Would like 10-12 skis at each laying.
dontknow says:
http://www.boattrader.com/ use the forsake down lists to fill in your requirements and see what ya get.... really, craigslist? you'd have to be a fool to buy a PWC that way.
LottnessMonster LottnessMonster says:
How scads jet skis must I order to get a wholesale price? also How & where could I find this out?
I would be purchasing them by virtue of a company. I also want them new. Ideally I would want around 8. Any thoughts?
Tammy says:
Each visitors will have its own quantity requirements. Just ask the sales person you place your order with. You will need a resale license number to avoid paying taxes.

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Seawater importance to be monitored, results sent to island's consulates
In June, Ambassadors from 17 EU countries met with Gov Maitri to thrash out four pressing issues: road transport, boat safety, tourist security and jet skis (story here). The next meeting with foreign consuls will be held on November 26 at Phuket Unsophisticated Hall.


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