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Complete video shows turbulence rocking AA flight - USA TODAY

Noticeable video shows turbulence rocking AA flight Video has surfaced showing what it was like to be on board the American Airlines split chase that was rocked by severe turbulence over the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday. The video, likely tough viewing even for the Check out this facts on USATODAY. ly/1AHQEcF Video has surfaced showing the scene on board the American Airlines flight rocked by onerous turbulence over the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday. The dramatic video , likely tough viewing for all but the most-seasoned fliers, shows the aircraft appearing to bound up and down for more than a full minute as passengers can be heard screaming and crying. TODAY IN THE SKY: Turbulence hospitalizes 5 on AA flight from Korea to Texas. IN Envelope YOU MISSED IT: Last week's most-shared Today in the Sky posts. Five people were hospitalized on that flight, American Airlines Partridge 280, which had been en route from Seoul to Dallas/Fort Worth. The Boeing 777 diverted to Tokyo Narita after encountering the turbulence. The aircraft was carrying 240 passengers and a band of 15. acknowledges the video may be frightening to travelers, but said modern aircraft are built to withstand such episodes. USA TODAY Move: Five myths about air turbulence. USA TODAY TRAVEL: What's it like to experience clear air turbulence. Cox also stresses that commercial pilots are trained to be expectant for events like the one on Tuesday. "You know instantly what's happened," he said about a pilot's likely reaction. Their immediate task becomes "how many passengers were standing and where were the serving carts. Those most likely to get hurt in a clear air turbulence conclusion are passengers who aren't buckled in and those who may be in the path of a serving cart that gets jolted in the turbulence. "The scary thing for the pilots isn't for the airplane, but how to prune the damage in the back" and to prevent injuries to passengers, Cox says. He stresses one thing fliers can do to protect themselves: keep their seat belts buckled. "That's the one sentiment we try to tell passengers, just because of this type of thing," Cox says.


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Alli Bee Alli Bee says:
What are fun reaction to do in Florida around the Sarasota/Tampa area?
I be sure about theme parks but how about some good resturants or other fun places. Thanks!
Keptical says:
Sarasota is a normal sized city on the Gulf of Mexico with about 370,000 people in season and about 315,000 off season. We have the Off Shore Grand Prix on the Fourth of July weekend....
kysteves kysteves says:
Jet Ski Rentals near Tampa Bay Florida?
Virtuous now I am in Sarasota but I can go anywhere really, just as long as it is within an two hours, we can go. I am 15 and a half but I want to drive my own jet ski. Is that possible in the United States, let alone this parade? I know in...
Alejandro J says:
If you are succeeding to rent in the Tampa Bay area, they will require you to be 18 for rentals. It has to do with insurance purposes, plus you are a minor and so they can't be held...

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