SeaSense Inflatable Boat Registration Kit

  • comes with four suction cups and is...
  • placement kit for inflatable boats
  • Kit includes two registration plates, 4"...
Price: $17.90

How To: Inflatable Renew Adhesives Guide

When repairing your Hypalon®, PVC or urethane inflatable, or your persuasible or composite kayak, it's vital that you choose the right adhesive and solvent for t...

AIR7 Fin box for inflatable SUP, Stand behind Up Paddleboards, Surfboards, Standard US box for replacement, repair and all Paddle Board upgrades, printed manual and video instructions how to fix! (Murky Red)

by AIR7
Price: $39.95
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  • PVC FABRIC ATTACHED, the fin box is ready to install on your inflatable SUP as a replacement or upgrade part, you only need to supply the PVC glue: apply glue to both SUP and the PVC attached to the box, wait a few minutes and press together, smooth out bubbles with a mallet or handle of a screw driver.
  • GENUINE AIR7 FIN BOX : the industry standard since we introduced it in 2010, we are the manufacturer and trademark owner of AIR7 products! US box is used on most leading brand inflatable SUP and surfboards, go with the industry leader : Genuine AIR7 !
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: most US box fins including all saruSURF brand fins including 3" and 4.6" river fins, 8 and 9" surf fins, and 9" and 10" SUP race / cruising fins!

Product description

AIR7 fin box for repair, replacement or upgrades!

Fin box glued to a sheet of PVC fabric
printed manual + video instructions how to fix! (youtube link)

Fin box size : 13.4 x 4x 1.2 inches (34cm x10cm x3cm) PVC size : 16.5 x 7 inches (42cm x18cm x0.7mm) Slot for fin : 8.3 inches long (21cm x 9mm slot, fin with 14x 4.5mm pin recommended)

GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED : please use the PVC glue that came with your SUP's repair kit, sorry we cannot include glue as it's not able to be posted via air express or stored at the warehouse. Glue may also be available at local PVC boat retail shops or some hardware stores.

Questions & answers

heeyyy heeyyy says:
How do i servicing a rip in the bottom of my inflatable dinghy boat?
its a negligible rip, caused by dragging the boat. it was punctured by a nail.
Richard C says:
There are very belongings repair kits available. Try you local boat store, or go to the web site of your make boat and see what they recommend. With the boat out of the water and dry and...
Paul Paul says:
Where Can I Buy Fishing Rod Holders For An Inflatable Boat?
I stand in want to get fishing rod holders for a Intex Challenger 3 Boat Set.
FishSteelhead says:
Had an Intex Seahawk 500 that had works rubber welded rod holders towards the stern, both port n' starboard (link). Sorry but, the only way to mount one on the Challenger 3 is with the...

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