Intex Jaunt 5, 5-Person Inflatable Boat Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump (Latest...

  • 3 air chambers including an auxiliary...
  • Boston valve on two main hull chambers for...
  • Boston valve on two main hull chambers for...
  • 3 air chambers including an auxiliary...
  • Inflatable I-Beam floor for comfort and...
Price: $115.49

Mercury 25 on 10 ft inflatable

I was just showing how the Mercury 25 HP pushes a mean 10 ft inflatable with minimal weight in it.

Intex Challenger 2, 2-Myself Inflatable Boat Set with French Oars and High Output Air Pump (Latest Model)

by Intex
Price: $31.31
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  • Inflating and deflating is a breeze with two quick-fill Boston valves. A grab handle on the bow and an all-around grab line
  • 2 Quick Fill/Fast deflate Boston valve
  • welded on oar locks & oar holders, grab handle on bow with all around grab line. Motor mount fittings.

Product description

Comfort, Size, Ease of use and Durability make this the perfect boat for anyone. Use your Challenger boat in your favorite lake or small river for a comfortable ride with upgraded features.

Ideal for recreational boating and lazy days on the lake, the Intex Challenger 2 boat set comes with everything you need to hit the water immediately. The inflatable boat, which fits one adult and one child, is made of super-tough 20-gauge PVC vinyl that resists damage from abrasion, impacts, and sunlight, letting you boat with confidence even near rocks or logs. The PVC is also unaffected by gasoline, oil, or saltwater, so you needn't take special precautions around a motor or near a saltwater inlet. Construction-wise, the boat includes two air chambers for safety, an all-around grab line, an inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity, welded oarlocks, oar holders, a U.S. Coast Guard ID, and a grab handle on the bow. The Challenger 2--which comes with two oars and an inflation pump--measures 86 by 13 by 45 inches (W x H x D) and holds up to 253 pounds.

About Intex
Helping people have fun for more than 40 years, Intex is the world leader in designing and producing high-quality, innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation. Every Intex product--which includes such items as above-ground pools, pool accessories, pool toys, airbeds, and boats--undergoes an intensive quality control process before it's released to the public. During the manufacturing process, highly trained Intex employees continuously monitor a wide range of factors, from the quality of the raw materials and the calibration of the machines to the making and assembly of each product. The goal is to produce the best possible product at the best possible price. Intex offices are located in such cities as Long Beach, California; WanChai, Hong Kong; Roosendaal, Netherlands; Beaufort, France; and Praha, Czech Republic.

Questions & answers

cp111 cp111 says:
What inflatable boat acceptable 4 Adults and fastest HP outboard needed?
We are looking to buy a roar up easy to transport (no trailor) inflatable boat. We need to know what size inflatable suitable for 4 adults? Also please can you advise me what is the most powerful HP outboard for the in the first place boat? Ideally we...
Richard C says:
I don't put one's trust in you are going to find anything that will meet your criteria. 4 Adults at an average of 180 pounds and a small motor (9.9HP) at 65 pounds advantage fuel tank and fuel at 35...
Marae Marae says:
How do you paddle a boat poetically?
I recognize all about Newton's laws of motion and all that, and I have been in a boat before, but always with someone experienced. I recently got a heavy duty inflatable boat, and I was trying it out in a nearby creek. I meant to deter out of...
c_kayak_fun says:
Inflatable boats mainly can't be paddled straight. They are wide and flat bottomed and tend to catch wind and currents. There is not a whole lot you can do to control them, as you found...

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