• Made from Technologically Advanced,...
  • Styled-To-Fit Covers are made-to-order to fit hull...
  • Designed for Mooring, Storage & Trailering...
  • Made in USA. 7 Years Warranty.
  • This boat cover offers superior resistance...
Price: $229.07

Prova in mare gommone Brig 420 Baltic

Prova in mare del gommone Brig Baltic 420.


Price: $225.92
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  • Styled-To-Fit Covers are made-to-order to fit hull style (boat shape) listed in item's title with no optional, aftermarket, add on equipment unless stated in our listing description.
  • Made in USA. 7 Years Warranty.
  • Made from Technologically Advanced, Durable, 7 oz, Non Scratch, Solution Dyed Polyester. 100% Solution Dyed Polyester

Product description

STYLED TO FIT BOAT COVER-Made from Technologically Advanced, Durable, 7 oz, Non Scratch, Solution Dyed Polyester. Solution Dyed Polyester means colors are part of the polyester fiber itself, rather than the dye adhering only to the surface of the fibers. Offers superior resistance to harmful UV rays, fading, mildew, tearing and overall wear-and-tear. This unique finish provides exceptional water repellency while maintaining breathability for the health of the boat. This cover is excellent for travel, mooring and storage. Styled-To-Fit Covers are made-to-order to fit hull style (boat shape) listed in item's title with no optional, aftermarket, add on equipment unless stated in our listing description. If you have any accessories not specified in the title please contact us prior to purchase. (Please note the picture is for display purposes only and does not capture the actual boat the cover is listed for.) PACKAGE INCLUDES: Brand New, Styled To Fit Boat Cover.Trailering Straps. Features:-Weather-resistant anti-wick thread throughout construction, - Large diameter 1/4" shock cord on the bottom will hold the cover in place. There are sewn-in tie down loops. Straps included in the package.Double-stitched durable 4-ply seams, - Double folded hems. Motor covers are provided for most outboard models.This cover is made-to order and production time takes up to 7 business days. Made in USA. We offer only breathable fabrics for the well-being of your boat and its interior.7 YEARS Pro-rated Manufacturers Warranty!!! Please note: Please make sure you select the correct item before ordering as there is 25% restocking fee to return or exchange the item. This item is an aftermarket, styled to fit cover. The cover is not completely custom to the specific boat, but a highly fitted cover designed to accommodate the primary characteristics of the boat style. Boat Cover Support Pole (Not Included) is recommended for use with all boat covers.

Inception AirAsia horror crash victim is returned to relatives - Daily Mail

Back with their loved ones: Hub-breaking moment first victim of AirAsia horror crash is returned to relatives as officials vow 'all out effort' to heal bodies from the sea First victim of AirAsia Flight 8501 has been identified by medical teams Remains of... Policemen said body B001 was identified as Hayati Lutfiah Hamid by surgical scars, fingerprints, a necklace containing her initials, and a red monicker badge pinned to her uniform. Her body, in a dark casket topped with flowers, was handed over to her family at a brief decorum at a police hospital in Surabaya. Search teams have recovered two more bodies this morning, bringing the total to nine, after they resumed operations following bad survive which has so far hampered efforts. Crews have been unable to investigate an object resting 100-165ft below the sea which is believed to be the remains of the Airbus A320-200, as officials have warned it could be a week before the plain's black box recorder can be recovered. After a Muslim cleric had said a prayer over Ms Hamid's body, the casket was immediately charmed to a village and lowered into a muddy grave, as Islamic traditions require bodies to be buried quickly. An imam said a intelligible prayer as about 150 people gathered in the drizzling rain, and red flowers were sprinkled over the mound of wet dirt with a small off-white tombstone. So far nine bodies have been found from Flight 8501 out of the 162 passengers and crew that were on board when the plane disappeared from radar. Workers began conclusion wreckage on Tuesday, with nine bodies pulled from the water near Borneo Island, including one wearing a life jacket and two others reported to be holding hands. A minesweeper speedboat and private survey ship have since located a large object beneath the waves which officials believe to be the plane, though no 'pings' from its abominable boxes have be detected so far. It is the middle of Indonesia's rainy season, so strong winds, heavy rains, and rough seas have so far prevented anyone from descending to investigate the object. Indonesia air force spokesman Rear Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said his men are 'focusing on finding the society of the plane,' adding: 'There was something like a dark shadow once seen from a plane, but it cannot yet be proven as wreckage. Frogman commander Lieutenant Edi Tirkayasa said the endure was making the operation especially difficult. He said: 'What is most difficult is finding the location where the plane fell - checking whether the aircraft is Non-Standard real there.


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