Ocean-going Rectangular Folding Deck Table for Boat- Anodized Aluminum- Five Oceans BC-3724

  • White
  • Lightweight
  • durability
  • 16" x 24" table surface and 16" high
Price: $77.27
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Deactivate your 'plain Jane' aluminum boat into a souped up fishing machine. Follow these tips and tactics, and learn how to build a boat deck, install a livewell,...

Naval Folding Rectangular Deck Table for Boat- Anodized Aluminum . Five Oceans

by Five Oceans
Price: $119.00
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  • Table is 16" x 32" (41 x 81cm) size 21.5" (55cm) high
  • White
  • Lightweight

Product description

This Five Oceans´ folding deck table is really light, stylish, useful and higher than common marine deck tables. It´s specially designed for marine environment with melamine top and will look great on your boat. > Lightweight, sturdy and truly useful > Durable hard Finish Top is sealed watertight > Top: Thermofused, white melamine is permanently bonded to core on both sides, screened design, edge finished with molded sea lip. > Legs: Rugged 7/8" diameter aluminum, folds flat, plastic tips. > Table is 16" x 32" (41 x 81cm) size 21.5" (55cm) high

Questions & answers

Neddds Neddds says:
what affable of paint should i use for my boat?
I just bought my pop's aluminum boat. It's a baby beat up but it'll be perfect for fishing with my buddies. I want to repaint it and do some work on it, but I'm not sure the best paint to use for it. I know a primer needs to be applied,...
Yawn Gnome says:
If is a trailer boat, a boat that is launched from a trailer, in unfledged water, it matters. Most areas allow most paints, I paint my decks and free board with , I am a sailor, I watch over to my...
Edward N Edward N says:
Best way to wipe out zebra mussel from aluminum pontoons?
Man, these critters are unsympathetic. So far I have used pressure washer, muriatic acid and scraping tools. without satisfactory results in removing zebra mussel shells from the pontoons on my deck boat. There must be a wagerer way and I'm...
Capt. John says:
In truth, the USACE uses a high pressure washer - but they will tell you the water temperature has to exceed 140 degrees - this kills and removes those critters willingly prefer quickly from any...

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