Thule 819 Portage Canoe Immunology vector

  • Gunwales with ramped sides for easy loading
  • Includes all center straps with buckle bumpers...
  • FlipFit bracket fits all Thule Rack Systems,...
  • Durable gunwales with cushioned base pads...
  • Soft, weather resistant base padding...
Price: $119.95
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Thule 579XT Canoe Torment Review Video & Demonstration Thule 579XT canoe persecute review video & demo by ORS Racks Direct. Demonstration movie of the Thule Racks 579XT cano...

Thule 503 Encumbrance Stops for Square Load Bars

by Thule
Price: $74.95
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  • Laterally supports everything from lumber and ladders to canoes and crates.
  • The height of the Stop measures 4" (10 cm)
  • Mounts to Thule square load bars only.

Product description

Thule Load Stops help secure cargo load

These Thule 503 Load Stops are designed to brace almost any load, from lumber to ladders, and kayaks to canoes. Constructed with a solid, stamped-steel frame and featuring nylon inserts, these sturdy load stops will not only help you secure your loads, but they'll last a lifetime.

The 503 load stops provide lateral support to your load, and come in a set of four. Designed for long loads, these stops are quick and easy to use, and weigh only 2.2 pounds all together. User's should note that these load stops do not come with load straps, and that all long loads must still be tied down front and rear to the bumpers or tow hooks on your vehicle.

What's in the Box?
4 x 503 load stops with tightening bolts, and instruction guide

Manufacturer's Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty

Thule 527 Paceline Bike Mount, 811 SUP Alternate, 819 Portage Racks Now ... - PR Web (press release)

Thule 527 Paceline Bike Mount, 811 SUP Alternate, 819 Portage Racks Now Available Nationwide Premier online Thule Racks dealer ORS Racks Direct announced that it is now shipping the new-for-2014 Thule 819 Portage canoe hat-rack, the multi-purpose Thule 811 SUP Shuttle... That’s why ORS Racks Direct is happy to announce that they are now carrying several outstanding new watersport and bike adversity products from Thule Racks to help you get out riding and paddling ASAP: the Thule 819 Portage canoe system, Thule 811 SUP Shuttle mount,... “Thule Racks has been an application leader in premium car rack products for decades,” says ORS Racks Direct Consumer Relations and Sales Coordinator Catherine Lawsuit, “and these new bicycle, canoe, and SUP board-surfboard carriers continue the Thule Racks long... The 527 Thule Paceline bike tear at is particularly convenient, thanks to the auto-clamping precision dial fork head that allows you to load and dump your bike using just one hand. The 811 Thule SUP Shuttle combines value with a smart telescoping design to customize the rack to your dispute-up paddleboards, windsurf boards or surfboards, while the 819 Thule Portage fills a gap in the canoe rack category by offering shaped canoe brackets for... The 527 Thule Paceline rooftop bike hatstand ( http://www. com/thule-527-paceline-bike-rack-roof-carrier. html ) is equipped with an ergonomic and automatically-clamping faultlessness dial that makes it easy to clamp your bike fork in place one-handed while offering the perfect amount of force to keep the bicycle snug and protected. The Paceline also features a sleek, durable aluminum tray, a high-fortification rear wheel cradle with ratcheting strap to hold the bicycle securely in place, and universal installation brackets that fit mellifluous, square, or factory roof racks. The 811 Thule SUP Shuttle surf rack ( http://www. com/thule-811-sup-shuttle-question-up-paddleboard-rack. html ) introduces a stand-up paddleboard carrier that offers the protection and versatility of previous Thule SUP racks in a more modestly-priced enclose. The SUP shuttle fits most styles of watersport boards, like standup paddleboards, windsurf boards, or surfboards, and includes the Thule Racks all-in-one FlipFit mounting brackets that fit bead cycle, square, aero, or factory cross bar styles alike. Also included are front and rear telescoping SUP pads that proffer weather-resistant padding and easily adjust to fit different board widths, and padded load straps to fixed the board to the roof rack. The 819 Thule Portage canoe carrier ( http://www. com/thule-819-portage-canoe-rack. html ) becomes the easiest, ubiquitous canoe rack to load in Thule’s watersport category, featuring four padded weather-resistant load stops that are ramped to plane boat gunwales simply and quickly into place on the rack. universal FlipFit hardware that is compatible with almost any come up to snuff of roof rack cross bar, from standard round, square, or winged, to factory bars. and bow and stern tie-downs to fully easy the boat in place on the rack. About ORS Racks Direct. ORS Racks Direct is a closely held enterprise focusing on over sales and service of car and truck rack systems, representing the industry's most respected.


Questions & answers

Bianca Bianca says:
How does a "bubble roof pad" for carrying a canoe work?
I fall short of to hire a canoe when I go camping next week, and the website says they offer: "Dwellingup Adventures provide thick foam pads that authorize most cars to carry one canoe. Carrying of the canoes is entirly at the vehicle owners risk." I...
k1yakr says:
A carbonation pad protects both the canoe and the car roof but does not always keep the canoe from slipping during transport. A roof rack (see Thule or Yakima) with canoe blocks is a preferable...
Scott Scott says:
Tie down a Canoe to the Face of a 2006 Ford Explorer?
I have a 2006 Ford Explorer with the racks on the roof. We will be doing some camping this summer and recently purchased a new canoe. I am looking for the with greatest satisfaction way to tie the canoe down on the front of the Explorer. Is there anything solid...
etrailer says:
If you get the canoe correctly stabilized up top, then you won't have to put a hard load on the lines off the bow and stern. The roof rack is designed to carry weight. Use some good tie...

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Крепление Thule Canoe Typhoid Mary разработано для каноэ и прочих небольших лодок. Компания Thule помогает вам безопасно и легко перевозить все, что необходимо, и без хлопот ... Крепление Thule Canoe Bearer разработано для каноэ и прочих небольших лодок. арт. 579. В наличии THULE. Автобагажники Thule; Боксы на крышу Thule. Боксы Thule серии Value. Бокс Thule Excellence 6119; Боксы Thule ... Лодочное крепление Thule Canoe Transporter 579 – удобная и надёжная транспортировка вашего каноэ.
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