Backcountry Lake Higher-level Canoe Camp Part 1

Accompany IN HD...Ken and I spent 3 nights in the interior of Lake Superior Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, This will be Part 1 of the trip.

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Questions & answers

Are there any well-proportioned places to go camping, canoeing, or hiking in northeast Texas?
I am looking for a sharp place to spend the weekend with my husband in northeast Texas. We both enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, etc..., but don't want huge crowds!
lestermount says:
Tyler Phase Park, Dangerfield State Park, if it is after Labor Day the crowds will not be large.
Gotta luv it! Gotta luv it! says:
Accepted to a Bachelorette camping trip need some ideas for a gift?
The fete is a Camping, Canoeing trip for a day an a half. Any ideas on a cute unique gift i can giver her?
rockninthefreeworld says:
My new favorite point to do for gifts is making your own themed gift basket. I like the idea of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, maybe some bug plantation, a cute lantern, a first...

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