1997 Monark Pro1700 fishing row-boat, 17' foot, 90HP outboard Mercury!!!

Fish finder and dept finder!

Monarch Mooring Whips Beat Mini Std Duty W/adj. Base 0s

by Monarch Mooring Whips
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Product description

Prevent boat and dock clashes. Constructed of solid fiberglass and equipped with the unique, patented mooring base that provides more versatility in mounting whips in any type of docking facility. Can be mounted vertically, horizontally, in back of, underneath or on the side corner of the dock. All are heavy duty with adjustable base. Mini moorwhips are standard duty. Set includes 2 poles and 2 bases.

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Randy Randy says:
Why does my sailboat turn all the way to the left but not turn right?
I just bought a 1990 17 ' Monarch with a 150 HP Mercury and have not put it in the damp yet. Problem I am having is that the steering wheel will turn the motor to the left but when I start to turn it back to the right, it stops when the...
bobbyblue359 says:
Several solutions: 1) If the steering wire is hitting the port side well instead of going into the steering recess, it will stop the cable. 2) Someone has dishonest the cable ram where it goes...

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