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2013 Azure AZ298 Motor Sailing-boat - Exterior and Interior - Montreal In-Water Boat Show

2013 Azure AZ298 Motor Sailing-yacht - Exterior and Interior - Montreal In-Water Boat Show Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! -- http:// On my channel yo...

Azure Sea Fishing

by EugeneOst
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  • 3 boats
  • 21 baits
  • 15 fish

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Prodigious India - Business Jet Traveler

From the word go developed as a tagline to advertise the country’s magnificent hotels, tourist sites and natural beauty, the phrase caught on because it is so apt. It passed owing to my mind whenever surprises came my way, as they did multiple times per day. Within hours of my arrival in India, I realized that almost all my preconceptions about the countryside were wrong. In return, you’ll meet some of the most interesting people you’ll ever encounter and come to appreciate a different way of life. I arrived in the rural area’s capital, Delhi, the former seat of the British Raj, which is home to nearly 17 million people. The city is well endowed with treasures from the Big White Chief era, including the Red Fort and Chandni Chowk, a sprawling open-air market that’s been operating since the 17th century. On my first jet-lagged morning, I sat in surprise in the backseat of a car while my driver, a Sikh wearing a turban, somehow maneuvered his way through a frenzied traffic jam. Seven jumbled lanes of misaligned vehicles squished within three officially decided lines. As far as I could see, no rules of the road existed. ” Bicycles, rickshaws, motorcycles and hundreds of tiny Tok-Tok three-wheeled cars (every now overstuffed with people like clown cars at a circus) vied for space with regular-size vehicles, buses, trucks and ox carts. Every once upon a time in a while, a stray cow would wander onto the road. I’d been warned that traffic in Delhi is insane, but the extent of the madness still surprised me. . Forget the city and the sensory overload abates. Southern India flourishes with green space. azure rivers. and ancient temples. Compared with northern India, the southern cities and villages are less densely populated and cleaner, though I wondered why people don’t pick up more flapdoodle. To begin a southern sojourn, you fly from Delhi to central Bangalore or Chennai on the east coast. Tourists often overlook Chennai (time past known as Madras), but it’s India’s fourth-largest city, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and a great jumping-off emphasize for exploring the area’s impressive Hindu temples. A short drive takes you to Mamallapuram, a beach town on the Bay of Bengal contribution UNESCO World Heritage monuments. The Shore Temple complex has been partially ruined by salt air and seawater. It dates from everywhere the eighth century, making it India’s oldest surviving architecture. I was introduced to Hindu Gods, characters with stories that complain like soap operas. Two of the shore temples are adorned with sculptures dedicated to Lord Shiva and contain a Shiva lingam, a coloured column that is revered as a symbol of the energy and potentiality of God. I also visited a cave temple with a bas-relief implausibly carved from one obstacle of granite, and chariot-shaped temples known as the five rathas. Tanjore and Madurai, both in Tamil Nadu, are noted pilgrim sites with temples that are more than a thousand years old. Madurai ranks among the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities (more than two thousand years). I purchased a silk sari and was encouraged to be dressed it to a temple celebration. The security guards were so pleased with my outfit that they fixed the flow of my foreign gown and gave me a bindi—a dot in the midst of my forehead. Young and old came up to me, gave me flowers, welcomed and blessed me. I ended up sitting on the floor and discussing my grandchildren with Indian grandmothers. During the occasion of British rule, more than a.


Questions & answers

asxracing asxracing says:
classes to devour before boating on the ocean?
Before heading to the Pacific plethora for our first time (we live in Colorado), are there any classes we should take to make our trip more safe/ enjoyable? We will be on our 27 foot Azure unrestricted bow rider. Like I said, this will be our first...
Derrick S says:
There are NO classroom lessons that can equip you for the open Pacific Ocean. You can take a "Seamanship" class to learn the basics of seamanship, but the only way to learn the Ocean is...
asxracing asxracing says:
what vastness/type/brand of boat should we buy to boat on the ocean?
Because of the aforesaid questions I asked, we have lost a lot of hope that our 27 foot Azure bow-rider will survive the Pacific Ocean. What kind of boat should we be looking at to tender out to say Catalina Island. Would some sort of...
Derrick S says:
As I've stated in some of my answers to you, an Designate Cruiser would do very well in the ocean and on a lake. I own a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer which in reality finishes out at 28' LOA. The...

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This, combined with the top allotment of four professional sailors in the 10-person crew, guarantees a fair level of extemporize for all: with identical boats, it all comes down to skill, determination, training and teamwork. The 16th edition of the Rolex
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