Springfield Spin Bushing Post, 2 3/8-Inch

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How to Put a Boat Seat

Anna is getting fit for SPRING fishing! But first, she has to get the boat ready. Here she shows us how to sew up a boat seat and what tools would be best ...

Swivl-EZE Replacement Parts Keyboard: Bushing - Nylon (White) - For: Aluminum Base, Post - White

by Swivl-EZE
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Product description

Swivl-EZE Replacement Parts Type: Bushing - Nylon (White) - For: Aluminum Base, Post - White. Swivl-EZE Replacement Parts Type: Bushing - Nylon (White) - For: Aluminum Base, Post - White

Questions & answers

m m says:
This is my commencement time leaving my jet boat at the marina.will it be safe to leave it there?
What if i go the next day or next week and somthing is missing from by boat like, seat parts bimini top or just anything . Wil the marina be held ethical for the missing things? We are paying for the storage and handling.
Iron Rider says:
What boat?
How much would it expense me to have my boat seats reupholstered? How hard is it to do it yourself?
I have a 1983 Ranger 375v and the seats emergency redone I'm wondering how much it is going to cost, if it would save me money by stripping them myself, or how hard it would be for me to do it myself? Please help!
roger says:
yes you can do it yourself , that's what we did, a lot depends on what you in need of. but a large fabric store and some foam rubber or there is some stuff similar that's cheaper, and one of...

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