CE Smith Trailer 10000G Pirouette Bolster Bracket (Assembled), 8"- Replacement Parts and...

  • Bolster bracket: 8" bracket, 11 gauge...
  • Swivel bracket: 11 gauge material, bunk...
  • Overall assembly length is 9 inch
Price: $10.26
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Vicinage 1 Build a Putt PuttPop Pop Steam Boat Intro 1

Introduction to builing a pop pop or putt putt steamboat the good seen on Ponyo. Once you have made a pop pop boat, there is a world-wide forum about experim...

CE Smith Y-Shape Bow Stop, Black, 4-Inch- Replacement Parts and Accessories for your Ski Boat, Fishing Boat or Sailboat Trailer

by CE Smith
Price: $19.65
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  • 4 inch Square Mount For a Secure Fit
  • Sturdy Black Natural Rubber
  • Attaches firmly with 3/8 inch bolt

Product description

This Y shape Bow stop is made from Sturdy Black Natural Rubber. A low cost solution that helps to ease the loading process. The stop acts as a bumper to keep your boat from hitting your trailer when loading the boat from the water. It has the following dimensions: 7" Span across and has 4"X4" mount for a secure fit.

Questions & answers

ItalianStallion ItalianStallion says:
What influence of a boat does the motor attach to?
What mainly of a boat, beside the back or stern, does a boat motor attach to? My teacher says their is a specific term for that part, but he will not just tell us the surrejoinder. Thank you.
Chauncey Q. Buttercup says:
Transom will profession. You might also ask if he would accept fantail.
BigPapasmurf BigPapasmurf says:
If a row-boat goes round the world and ends back where it started, what part of the boat traveled the furthest?
An tangible part of the boat, some dumb riddle I use to know the answer to?
Najaf S says:
all parts travelled the comparable distance. That is because to get back to the same place exactly from where you started, all parts must have travelled the same distance.

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