Stock Anchor with Rope, Buoy and Bag for Kayaks,Canoes, Personal Watercraft and Small Boats by...

  • DURABILITY: The 40 feet of braided nylon rope is...
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Rope ends are woven...
  • EASY TO STORE: A nylon cinch top bag is...
  • BETTER VISIBILITY: The rope has a reflective...
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Don't settle for a coated...
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fishing from a small boat

my set up for bass fishing from my 12' gregor boat. bill out my part two video where i fish more and talk less!!!!

Most talented Kayak Anchor for Canoes, Jet Skis, Dinghy, SUP, Paddleboard & Small Boats - 3.5lbs Galvanized Iron - Anchors Include a 40 FT Oceanic Rope, Buoy Ball & Stainless Steel Hook - Yak Angler Fishing

by BEST Marine and Outdoors
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  • ★ HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT - Our anchor is pure galvanized iron and doesn't need a painted coating to keep it resistant to rust. We also included a longer, more durable marine grade rope. Our anchor line is 40ft long and allows for more horizontal drag and a better hold. We also include a buoy ball and a stainless steel hook for situations requiring a quick disconnect.
  • ★ IDEAL SIZE - Our folding anchor is 12in x 5in when closed and inside the nylon storage bag. It takes up minimal space and can easily be stored in kayaks, canoes, dinghys, stand up paddle boards or any type of small personal watercraft.
  • ★ YAK ANGLER - Our anchor was designed with the kayak fisherman in mind. Its compact size won't get in the way of your fishing gear and its 4 fluke design is ideal for sandy, weedy and rocky bottoms. When the fish are biting, you don't want to be drifting away fighting for position.

Product description


Our kayak anchor is a premium 3.5 lb folding grapnel anchor made from galvanized iron and contains a 40 foot polypropylene rope made for better horizontal drag.

Our anchor is uniquely designed compared to the other small anchors on the market.

First, ours is made of high quality galvanized iron. Unlike the other painted anchors that flake and eventually rust, our anchor doesn't flake and is 100% resistant to rust.

Our anchor  also comes with a 40ft polypropylene rope that is designed for marine applications and is long enough to be used in most situations.

Our heavy duty nylon bag protects your anchor and makes transportation and storage easy.

How to use our anchor?

Simply raise the sliding collar, open the 4 iron flukes, slide the collar down to the base of the anchor and twist, locking the open flukes into position. Our anchor is designed for small, light watercraft in calm water situations. It may not hold in currents, moving water or strong windy conditions. Works best in rocks or weeds.

Our Philosophy

We believe in “100% Guaranteed”. It represents both our philosophy of sharing the best of times with our loyal customers and our promise to deliver a premium anchor to you, your family and your friends. We pride ourselves on customer service and will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Questions & answers

Zak Zak says:
What should i do about dads birthday baksheesh?
I have to buy my dad a birthday existing. We are going on holiday this saturday so need quick answers. I want to buy him something to do with fishing. I was gonna buy him a small boat but it is way to expensive. Any other ideas. He...
Tang says:
Exhilarated Birthday to your Dad in advance! Give him a nice birthday card together with a great watch. (He would probably like another new one as it is a gift from you!)...
Adam Adam says:
What can I use to stop up a 1 inch hole in the inside of my boat used for wiring?
In my small fishing boat, I have wires sustained through the side of the boat. There is a 1 inch drain plug whole that I have the wires running through. What would be the best thing to use to seal this 1 inch as a rule that the wires are going...
mark t says:
Not firm why you have wires running through a drain plug hole, and if this is below the waterline. If it is you are really asking for trouble as far as water coming in. If you are running...

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