Attwood Skiff Seat, Camo

  • High impact plastic frame
  • Aluminum hinges
  • Color - camo
  • Standing seat hole mounting pattern
  • UV resistant and easy to clean vinyl
Price: $52.42
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how to camo a sailboat steven painting a boat how to camouflage a boat part 2_0077.wmv

how to camouflag a skiff, by steven part 2 how to paint a boat hunting , fishing jon boat bass.

Commander Accessories A Pair of New Low Back Folding Boat Seats(2 seats) (Camo/Gray hinge)

by Leader Accessories
Price: $159.99
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  • Use standard 5"x 5"mounting bolt pattern
  • Designed to fit your body's contour completely
  • UV -treated marine-grade vinyl

Product description


Designed to fit your bodys contour completely

UV -treated marine-grade vinyl

Anodized-aluminum hinges

Available in different colors

3 year warranty for upholstery and 5 year warranty for frame

Outdoors: The with greatest satisfaction laid plans go astray - The Herald Argus

I'm a summary teller and one of the biggest problems we have is telling the same story over and over. Now, if it's a good story, most folks that have heard it will just listen to it again. If it's an okay joke the listener may say "Oh yeah, I love this one. " If it's not that great, they'll usually cut you off and that's the end of it. Eventually the weak ones are weeded out, and only on rare occasions will a beneficial story teller dig deep into the archives for a B-teamer. you are listening but it's a day after I told the story. The following story may be one you've heard before or at least mentioned, but I have in mind it's a good one so I'm going to repeat it. Back in the late 80s my buddy Dannie Hurd and I hunted and fished together quite a bit. This be that as it may of year we did a lot of waterfowl hunting and eventually got into predator hunting. We usually did pretty well at whatever it was we were doing, but the few times I ice fished with him I definite it just wasn't my thing. The fish rarely showed and I figured beer tasted pretty good in a living room next to a fireplace as opposed to being on ice with my feet customary numb. Dannie and I were desperate for a good goose hunt. There were always a few flocks around, but they'd be well pressured into places where they couldn't be hunted. He told me about a group of a hundred or so that was roosting in the middle of frozen Webster Lake. That particular year the ice was thick and many fishermen dotted the lakes of Kosciusko County. This was one shrewd flock of geese. They'd fly to a field right at the edge of the small town of North Webster and then go straight to the middle of the lake to roost, scarcely leaving the city limits in the process. Dan had a plan: We'd go to the middle the lake and hunt them when they returned to roost. It was a fairly naked matter of getting the decoys to the middle the lake and then hiding. He had a small jon-boat which we'd use as a sled to haul our decoys and guns. He had a sweetheart that lived on the north end of the lake and we could park in their driveway, slide the boat down the hill and onto the ice then push the boat with all the swill on the ice to the middle of the lake. We needed to keep the weight down so we dressed light and only took my 12 Carrylite trade name goose shells, figuring the geese were coming there anyway so a bunch of decoys wasn't necessary, though a few would assure they'd come to us. Then we'd spin the boat over and... We'd wrap the boat in a couple sheets and then make robes for ourselves held at our waists with bungee cords. We waited for a crummy day to persuade the birds would return before sunset and a few days later we found ourselves pushing the boat across the ice of Webster Lake. It was much more difficult than we on any occasion imagined as small driftlets of snow and crusty ice made pushing the boat laborious. It took about four minutes to set things up. His mom must have hardened bleach on her sheets as Dannie's were almost bluish-white while mine were more of an ivory color. We leaned our heads against the motor yacht and waited. Approximately 10 minutes into the hunt a massive gust of wind hit us and in a few seconds the decoys scooted across the lake like dry leaves on a blustery highway. We turned on all sides of to see the boat flip over as the wind had lifted it right off the ice. It was a cheap boat made of thin.


Questions & answers

Mike Mike says:
looking for tips on a sizeable "skinny water" boat that can also handle some lake waves?
I am planning on a jet proceed/tunnel hull, 18-22 feet long, durable, to be used for small river and moderate lake fishing and hunting, so preferably camo or Terra colors.
Ryan Nelson says:
Cogent question. It's hard to find a boat that will do all your asking about and do them well. My advice is to get an aluminum, semi-v hull all -welded boat. Any of these boats exertion...


Aluminum Ship - Camo - Forums. Aluminum Boats: Boat Propellers: Boat Manuals: Boat Seats: Boat Covers: Aluminum Boats: Camo Replies: Thread Title: Forum Dub: 13: My uncle is giving me pilot of his aluminum v-boat (if that's what they're called). What can I do to camo it for duck hunting? Moving it isn't a problem, maybe a 50 ... 2000 Other 2000 ProWeld Camo Aluminum Bass Skiff. You need this 1542 Model Camo Boat!!! 2000 model year ProWeld Aluminum Bass Boat with 20 HP Merc Handtiller motor ... Camo Series Aluminum Perplex. Inflatable Keel Boats from 9′ 8″ to 12′ 8″ Standard Equipment. Aluminum Floor; Inflatable Keel.09 or Super 1.4ML 1100 Denier PVC Decide the Stinger ST175 Camo Mod-V Boat for hunting and angling. Experience the next level of boating with us!

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